Personalized LinkedIn Lead Generation and Conversion Campaigns

LinkedIn Mktg enhances your business profile and maximizes your reach in the world’s largest professional network — LinkedIn. We help you build and implement a lead generation campaign on LinkedIn to amplify your reach, get the attention of ideal prospects, and boost conversion. Let’s discuss your monthly targets.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the social network or if your previous campaigns on the platform did not perform as expected. Count on us to scale lead generation and boost your LinkedIn profitability.

Our 100% done-for-you marketing campaigns include the complete campaign setup. We take care of prospect list building and outreach message creation so you can focus on being successful.

Expect regular metrics reporting from a dedicated account manager so you always know how your campaign is faring.

What It Means to Have a Done-for-You LinkedIn Marketing Campaign

It’s one thing to find your ideal customers. But convincing them to make a call to action is an entirely different story. Our LinkedIn lead generation service keeps you on the right track to success.

When you implement a lead generation campaign on LinkedIn, you’re filtering relevant prospects and giving them the nudge they need to take action. And when we run a personalized campaign for you, we handle everything from finding prospects to handling touchpoints.

We take the hard work in campaign management off your hands so you can focus on your tasks while growing your revenue.

Our 5-Step LinkedIn Campaign Management

Account/Page and 
Campaign Setup

We will set up a LinkedIn account/page for you or your business. If you have an existing account/page, we will revamp it as needed. To make it easier for prospects to identify you, we will see to it that all your essential information is provided. A carefully set up LinkedIn account/page is vital to streamlining and customizing your campaign creation.


LinkedIn is a treasure trove of prospective clients and partners. But to find and engage the most qualified prospects, you need access to thousands of successful campaigns. LinkedIn Mktg only uses actual professional data from such campaigns when building a list of highly targeted audiences.

Outreach Message Creation

After identifying your prospects, we will start conceptualizing a data-driven campaign strategy, which includes creating an outreach message that drives positive responses. The message will be the same for all target recipients, but each one will receive a customized version.

Execution and Follow-Up

We will assign a dedicated account manager to run and supervise your LinkedIn campaign. The responsibilities of an account manager include optimizing ad campaigns, scheduling performance calls, setting up programmed connection invites, and automating follow-up messages. Having a dedicated account manager eliminates the need for unnecessary bureaucracy.

Campaign Metrics Reporting

To keep you in the loop and updated on the status of your LinkedIn campaign, we will give you access to a user-friendly client dashboard. Equipped with an advanced metrics reporting system, you can obtain up-to-the-minute data that can help you make informed decisions.

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    LinkedIn Mktg helps you find and connect with high-quality audiences when they are most engaged. We use actual data from successful campaigns to deliver personalized and engaging messages that push prospects to take action.

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