Personalized B2B Lead Generation Services on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Mktg’s multi-faceted B2B lead generation services just might be what your company needs to connect with a wider, more interested audience and reach new levels in your industry. 

Our B2B lead generation strategies use proven methodologies and updated data from profitable campaigns to ensure your success. Our team applies this information when building a done-for-you lead generation campaign to maximize your scale and boost your sales.

You can count on us to find and link you with the right audience. Our lead generation services are right for you if:
  • Your business already has an active LinkedIn presence but you think that it can do better
  • Your business is targeting industries and other businesses that are highly active on LinkedIn
  • You are a well-established, revenue-generating business that wants more clients on your portfolio
  • You offer a niche product or service that manages or streamline a specific business process
  • Your business invests in promising products but struggles to find the right business partners
Get a steady stream of relevant leads without putting in all the hard work. Let us handle your account, run your campaigns, and make the most of your B2B lead generation budget. All you have to do is sit back, read the reports, and watch your leads convert into sales.

What is lead generation?

LinkedIn Mktg’s B2B lead generation is a data-driven marketing solution that attracts your ideal prospects, takes them through the marketing and sales funnel, and ensures client conversion.

A traditional lead generation campaign includes cold calls, direct mail, email, and other marketing efforts that identify potential prospects and encourage them to reach out. Our agency modified this type of marketing campaign to be more prospect-specific.

Here’s an overview of our step-by-step guide to lead generation:

Account and Campaign Setup

If you don’t have one yet, we’ll set up a LinkedIn account or page for your business. If you already do, we’ll optimize it so prospects can easily identify your brand and see your contact information.

Qualified Prospect List Building

To help you narrow down the most qualified prospects in LinkedIn, we use accurate and up-to-date data from successful campaigns to help your business build a list of highly targeted audiences.

Outreach Message Creation

After identifying your prospects, we build a data-driven strategy that sends a customized version of the same message to all target recipients. The message is designed to drive positive responses.

Campaign Execution and Follow-Up

We assign a dedicated account manager to monitor, run, and supervise your B2B lead generation campaign. They’ll optimize your ad campaigns and handle all communications for and with you

Campaign Metrics Reporting

LinkedIn Mktg keeps you in the loop about the status and health of your lead generation campaign through a user-friendly online dashboard with an advanced metrics reporting system.

Marketing trends and sales strategies will change over time. But as a business, your long-term goals remain the same. Our B2B lead generation service adapts to the latest marketing trends to fill your pipeline with interested prospects who are likely to convert.

Contact us today to learn more about how our B2B lead generation services help your business grow.

What does lead generation mean?

There’s more to lead generation than connecting you with your target audience. It’s a data-driven marketing strategy that generates interest in your products or services, then nudges your prospects down the sales funnel. It drives conversion and boosts your profitability.

Don’t confuse LinkedIn Mktg’s B2B lead generation services with traditional cold-calling services, though. 

Although lead generation typically includes cold calling, our B2B lead generation strategies include data-driven methodologies that lay down a firm foundation with each prospect. These strategies slightly shift based on each prospect’s needs, therefore improving chances of conversion.

Our lead generation strategies can best be summarized by these three points:
• Creating and updating hyper-targeted lead lists
• Maintaining a rapid inbound lead response
• Nurturing leads and setting appointments

Of course, this is a highly simplified version of how we target prospects, turn them into leads, and convert them into sales. 

Our B2B lead generation agency reaches out to prospects based on the time of day they’re most active online, the number of previous attempts to connect with them, and their current lead status. We also slightly modify our outbound messaging to match the products or services they need.

Additionally, you can be sure that our lead generation strategies are updated because we stay updated with marketing trends, constantly test our sales tactics, and closely monitor the current status of each campaign. We modify them based on what leads best respond to.

There’s a lot that goes into lead generation. If you’re wondering why it’s worth investing in, consider these:

• You don’t succeed just by hoping clients find your business; you actively look for interested prospects
• Prospects won’t contact you just because they’re interested; you need to give them a slight nudge in the right direction
• Lost leads aren’t lost forever; retargeting gives those leads a second chance to take action

Outsource your marketing and sales effort using LinkedIn Mktg’s B2B lead generation service. We’ll take your business to greater heights and help you reach your long-term profitability targets.

What are the benefits of lead generation?

Lead generation is always included in an effective and highly profitable sales campaign. But why exactly are B2B lead generation strategies gaining traction?

Take a look at how you benefit from lead generation:

Use a marketing and sales approach that targets your ideal business prospects

Gain actionable insights on how to attract and engage with your ideal prospects

Receive real-time reporting and schedule more appointments with interested leads

Through outsourcing, expand your sales and marketing support team at a lower cost

Lead generation is a foolproof way to build brand awareness and visibility, create buzz about your products or services, increase your following, and generate more business opportunities. More importantly, it boosts conversion rates and helps you gain more profits.

By outsourcing your B2B lead generation services to LinkedIn Mktg, you can boost profitability without putting too much burden on your shoulders.

Let’s discuss your options today.

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What is the lead generation process?

LinkedIn Mktg makes B2B lead generation as simple as possible for you. Before anything else, we get to know your business goals and build a targeted lead generation campaign that matches your ideal prospects and how many prospects you want to reach every month.

From there, our lead generation team implements a campaign that establishes a firm connection with high-value leads. We nurture them until they reach the conversion stage and contribute to your overall profitability. We can also launch remarketing campaigns for lost leads.

Contact our B2B lead generation agency to learn more.

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